About accommodation at the Student Dormitory Čakovec

Student dormitory in Čakovec was opened in 2018 and offers accommodation to full-time students in Čakovec. The capacity of the dormitory is 39 beds placed in single and double rooms.

Separate bathroom/toilet is placed in almost every accommodation unit or it is placed between two units so the maximum number of users is three.

Students can use dormitory bedding which is changed every two weeks.

Laundry washing and drying costs 30 HRK. Students can use iron and ironing board for free.

On the first floor is the kitchenette with induction cooking equipment and refrigerators.

The dormitory has a smart room system built-in and the windows close automatically when the rain starts. To enter into the building and in the rooms you will get an electronic key card and electricity is cut off when the card is removed.

Student restaurant is located in the dormitory itself.

Internet is available in each room and is free of charge.

Other additional facilities for students are a library with reading room equipped with computers, sport and recreation room with table tennis table, table football, Swedish ladders and mats. There is also a street workout polygon in the courtyard of the dormitory.

The student dormitory is located near the city centre and is close to the building of the Polytechnic of Međimurje in Čakovec, which allows students to come to the exam or lecture in less than a minute.

Students exercise the right to accommodation in the Student Dormitory Čakovec on the basis of a tender for subsidized accommodation, which is published every year at the end of June or the beginning of July.