About accommodation at the Student Dormitory Čakovec

The new Student Dormitory in Čakovec has 39 beds placed in 27 rooms (24 upstairs and 3 rooms downstairs) with „smart rooms“ system built-in and other additional facilities for students - sport and recreation room, a reading room, a library, a kitchenette, a laundry room, a cafe and a restaurant.

Internet is available in each room and is free of charge. To use it, students need to get their user name and password obtained by the faculty and download the necessary installation software.

In case of technical or any other issues, please contact our Head of the IT department on e-mail address:

To enter into the building and in the rooms you will get an electronic key card.

Only Croatian students enrolled in full degree programmes at Croatian universities are entitled to a state subsidy for accommodation. Competition for Croatian students is published once a year, as a rule in July or June.  International students pay the full price.